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Never Mind

The Rebel

When Paul W. Klipsch was developing a smaller speaker for use between two Klipschorns, an acquaintance declared he couldn’t possibly introduce it to the public because it was in direct violation of the corner horn principles and amounted to “acoustic heresy.”

“The hell I can’t” Mr. Klipsch said. “And that’s exactly what I’m going to call it!”

A year later, the Klipsch Heresy loudspeaker was introduced and, ironically, became a bestseller in the church-sound reinforced market.

- Paul W. Klipsch, a bit of a rebel



Since 1946

Rebel is a small portable speaker (128x110x200mm) to

take with you everywhere and anywhere. The battery

pack gives you the option to charge your phone when

playing your favourite tracks and to see when your

pissed off flatmates call.

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